The Ornelas Firm prides itself on helping small businesses, nonprofits, foreign investors, and US expatriates meet their tax compliance requirements. We assist our clients in the development of strategies aimed at minimizing their tax exposure and resolving their outstanding tax liabilities. With over 20 years of experience in accounting and tax law, we offer unparalleled technical expertise and are invested in achieving our client’s goals.


Have a tax issue? At the Ornelas Firm, we offer clients solutions to local, state or federal tax issues. We can address problems resulting from a tax audit, those that stem from the administrative appeals process, and even issues that involve tax litigation at the state and federal levels. If a solution to your tax problem exists, our extensively educated staff will help you find it.

Services include:

  • Audits and Examinations.
  • Deficiency Notices.
  • Tax Protests and Appeals.
  • Tax Litigation.
  • Tax Liability Resolution.


Foreign investors and US expatriates face a unique set of challenges with international tax law. At The Ornelas Firm, our tax professionals are highly experienced in the fields of foreign tax credits, US taxes on US estates of foreign decedents, US tax withholding on the sale of US property owned by foreigners (USRPI) and related matters. We maintain strategic alliances with various Mexican law firms to better assist our clients with their tax responsibilities in Latin America.


The Ornelas Firm is focused on providing tax planning solutions to small businesses, nonprofits, and foreign investors. Our attorneys have an accounting background, which means we understand on a fundamental basis the planning opportunities of our entrepreneurial clients. With our extensive knowledge of the economic and financial impacts of business startup and formation, we advise our clients on tax-efficient strategies to help their businesses grow.

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